Now servicing Pinellas & Pasco county!

The Pool Guys of Pinellas

This is what we can do for you!

 Give us a call, we will get you scheduled, lay out a plan, communicate with you every step of the way and most importantly, we are extremely cost effective with all we do in the hopes to save you as much money as possible. Our mission on all swimming pool rescues are to save all equipment, restore your finish to the best possible condition, all while keeping it stress free for you. If you enjoy our service, you'll be glad to know we offer routine pool care as well! We are the swimming pool cleaners you don't have to worry about. 

There are various levels of pool rescues, The Pool Guys of Pinellas break them down into 3 categories. 

level 1 -  $250.00 Start up (light algae / light green tint to water)

level 2 - $400.00 Start up (heavy algae / dark green water)

level 3 - $800.00 Start up (black water)

We do have limitations on what we accept as a rescue. The Pool Guys of Pinellas reserves the right to refuse service and or decline service to any individual.

All pool rescue start up fees  are non refundable. Pool rescues only pertain to water quality, Not the quality of any features of the pool or spa including but not limited to walls, steps, and floor.  Mechanical failures, clogged pipes, or any unforeseen events that are due to service is not the responsibility of The Pool Guys of Pinellas. In the event of a Mechanical failure, clogged pipes, or any unforeseen events during the process of a rescue that are not addressed within 24hrs of the event the rescue will stop, a $45 daily fee will be applied. If The Pool Guys of Pinellas are not able to restart service after 7 days due to negligence of repair a new rescue start up fee will need to be made to restart service.  Upon receiving payment to begin a rescue it is presumed you have read and agree to these terms and conditions 

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